RSLP Ventures

A Launch Pad for Cool Stuff

A dynamic collective of businesses and entrepreneurs with high-growth trajectory and the ability to impact industries and communities.

People Driven

We partner with high-potential entrepreneurs operating interesting businesses to accelerate growth.


We actively engage with our portfolio partners to elevate and amplify the company’s success.

Creative Capital

We are investors and problem solvers, aligning creative solutions with interesting opportunities.

appalachian impact fund
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Action Investing

We invest in authentic businesses that have a story, history, heart and soul. We put the right people in place, encourage cross-pollination of the right ideas, and provide the right resources and knowledge capital to ensure the sum is greater than the parts.


RSLP is led by successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community builders. We believe in groundbreaking impact and swinging for the fences.

brook smith
Brook Smith

Founding Partner

ian rupert
Ian Rupert

Managing Partner


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The Best Story is a Success Story.

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